A Villainous note from the Writer

          Hello again Villains! This scene is one of the big ones I teased at the start of this issue. In my mind this confrontation is the top of the mountain for Matthew. By the time this is all said and done Matthew, along with the rest of the Legend City, will begin a downward roll of violence and rage! What could the Inventor say to cause such a thing? You’re about to find out and trust me Villains, he will reap the whirlwind. Till next time evil-doers.

Nathan Gonzales

Next month we have 2 exciting conventions coming up! First up is Stockton-Con, which is a 2 day show in Stockton, Ca on August 8-9. The VILLAIN team heads back to the central valley where we all began! We coming home for dinner!!

The next show is Chico-Con where Alpha Q Comics and VILLAIN will be a guest, on August 29, in Chico, CA! Come on down and support VILLAIN!!!

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