A Villainous note from the Guest Cover Artist

Hello Villains,
This is Nick Garber artist and co-owner of Black Jack Comics-The Collective of Creativity. I loved working on this cover for the latest issue of Villain and if you will bear with me for a moment I will bore you with how I developed the concept for this cover. I wanted to go away from a traditional dynamic fight scene cover, instead I went post fight with it. The idea sprang from eating a sucker, that’s right a sucker. I envisioned Alpha walking down an alleyway eating a sucker when he is attacked by some random street thugs to which Alpha lays the smack down on them, covered in blood and after the fight he returns to eating his sucker. Thanks again to Tobe, Nathan, and the entire Villain team for allowing me to take a stab at their characters. I hope all you villains out there enjoyed it. You can follow my work at blackjackcomics.com or on facebook.

Nick Garber

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