A villainous note from the Artist

Greetings and salutations my Villainous friends! It is comic book Wednesday and we have page 21 for you! I really enjoyed drawing this page.  I tried to show a progression of time as Matthew is learning from each of these Villains and also tried to play with his body language. If you look at the previous page you will see how Matthew is with each of the baddies. I also liked designing what each villains’ cell looked like. My crowning achievement on this page, I have to say is in panel 3 with Funakisan’s tattoo design. How awesome is that tattoo? I would totally get a sleeve like that!  I also like the last panel where Matthew comes face to face with AK and I’m pretty sure AK doesn’t even know who he’s teaching his villainous ways to. What I can say is that everyone will get their just desserts in due time. There is only one more page after today’s update to wrap Issue 3 then it’s on to Issue 4 where you will learn where he gets his powers from and the beginning of his and The Inventor’s plan to decimate the heroes. Stay tuned VILLAINS, this could get ugly!

BIG WOW! is right around the corner, so mark your calenders for May 18 & 19th. The VILLAIN Team will be on hand to meet fans, answer all VILLAIN questions and I will also  be doing some commissions. This is a comic convention you don’t want to miss, so come to San Jose, Ca and show BIG WOW! how VILLAINS do it!

Have a villainous day!

Tobe Daranouvong