A villainous note from the Artist

Greetings my vile, veracious and villainous friends! Here we are with page 11!! Who doesn’t love a flashback within a flashback? This is one of my personal favorite sequences in issue 4. It really tests Matthew’s resolve and we actually get to see him apply some of the skills he’s learned while doing hard time. The best part is, he’s taking these thugs down with no powers, using hand to hand combat. A good VILLAIN isn’t just dangerous when he has powers to hide behind, its all his other skills that make him who he is. Powers should be secondary to what he can do. I hope you are enjoying this issue as much as I have enjoyed showing you the story.

If you haven’t yet, please take some time to check out the awesome Fan Art that has been submitted recently including one from fellow webcomic creator Matt Kyme, who runs his own website called That Bulletprooof Kid.

So go check it out, if you’re here I know you love comics so let’s support one another!

In convention news, VILLAIN will be at Sac-Con this Sunday in Sacramento, Ca! Come out and support comics! We will have prints on sale as well as our EXCLUSIVE convention ashcan! I will also be taking commissions. See you there!

Tobe Daranouvong