A villainous note from the Artist

Happy Friday Villains! Here is Page 12 and the action continues! Look whose got skills! It’s all fun and games till someone loses a finger! Based on what happens on this page, I’m fairly sure you know what the next page holds. How will Matthew fair in this “test” set up by The Inventor? Where are his powers? First and foremost we wanted to show Matthew is just a normal guy with valid reasons for doing what he’s doing.  Please continue to share Villain with all your villainous friends. We have had an awesome amount of positive feedback  and would love to hear more. So pound that like button, follow Villain if you haven’t yet because the action is just getting started. We also have a huge announcement coming in the next few weeks that is going to commence after we wrap Issue 4. Villain HQ knows that you will not be disappointed!

VILLAIN will be at Sac-Con this Sunday June, 2nd in Sacramento, Ca! Come out and support comics! We will have  prints on sale as well as our EXCLUSIVE convention ashcan! I will also be taking commissions. See you there!

Tobe Daranouvong