A villainous note from the Editor

Hello VILLAINS!  Today we have page 13 of Issue #4 up and it’s killer. What a way to go. A knife straight through the throat. Ouch! Don’t mess with Matthew and furthermore don’t stand in his way of revenge.  Is this a sign of Matthew’s VILLAIN coming out? Or could it just be that Matthew is finally realizing his villainous side and what he is capable of? We’ll see how far he is willing to go to seek revenge for his children’s deaths.

Thank you to all that came out on Sunday to Sac. Con! It was another successful convention for the VILLAIN Team and we reached some new and old fans of VILLAIN. If you’re new to VILLAIN, thanks for joining the party. Better late then never. Be sure to share VILLAIN with your friends and remember to like us on facebook and follow us on Twitter. We will doing some exclusive give-a-ways during the upcoming Origin stories. Origins you say? Yes, that’s right. After Issue #4 comes to a close, we will be doing two Origin stories. This set of Origin stories will feature a few heroes; Eddie and Pride’s Origin story and Galaxy’s Origin story Part: 1. Stay tuned and hold on to your seat! Things are going to get very bloody!



Have a very villainous week!


Shanda Daranouvong