A villainous note from the Writer

Hello again Villains! Matthew has passed his first real test in life or death combat and has come through on the other side. He’s also learned that fingers taste like chicken. This is Matthew’s second kill, but the first human he’s had to kill. How will this effect his psyche moving forward?  He has been training for this moment, but when real blood starts to flow, that’s when you truly know if you have the courage of your convictions. We shall see Villains.

While I have you reading, I would like to tell you about our up coming Villain: Origins. These awesome short stories will be showcasing other Heroes and Villains besides Matthew beginning with two men whose fate has already been revealed to us, Pride and Eddie Wizard. Followed by part one of the origin of Galaxy. In it we will explore all the dirty little secrets behind Legend City’s favorite son. It’s time to see who the real heroes and villains are. Till next time evil-doers.

Nathan Gonzales