A villainous note from the Editor


Down the rabbit hole we go today with Matthew. I must geek out a bit for the tribute to LOST in the first panel which I noticed right away. In case you’re in the dark here, LOST was and is one of the best shows T.V. has ever seen. We see Matthew gazing down into his destiny as we saw John Locke gazing down into the hatch. If you’re also a fan of LOST, let’s take the time to draw a parallel between John Locke and Matthew. Both start as normal guys and end up becoming the ultimate SUPER VILLAIN! Both John and Matthew lose it all during a fall from a building and after their life is turned upside down, they start to see things in a darker way. John is helped by the man in black after his body is taken over and Matthew opens his eyes with the Inventor’s help. WOW! Nate did you plan that? I miss you LOST and love you VILLAIN! 4 8 15 16 23 42

Okay. Okay. Down to business. The Origin stories are on the way and you’re in for a treat. We will be finding out how Eddie Wizard and Pride became the heroes that we know in our first origin issue. Stay tuned, VILLAINS!

Shanda Daranouvong