A villainous note from the Inker

Your INSIDIOUS INKER HERE!  What’s up with that shape changer dude?  Is his true form human or alien?  Is he trying to catch up on his DVR? Or is he monitoring the evil that goes on in our fair Legend City? And why is he looking at kids playing on playgrounds?  Alpha is learning the inner workings of the heroes…I wonder why?

If you hadn’t heard, VILLAIN’s 1 year birthday was yesterday! In honor of the day Villain – The Webcomic has now been changed to Villain – The Graphic Novel because we feel that it’s a much better title considering the scope of our story. We would like to thank each and every reader for supporting us and hope that you continue to enjoy the story and also continue to purchase the issues as they become available in print.

Villain #1 is on sale!!  So if you don’t have a copy what are you waiting for? Issue #1 is no longer available online and we only have a limited first run print so get off your asses and order one today or you will regret it! All proceeds will go to the next issues printing. We at VILLAIN do this because we love to do this, so please support VILLAIN, support our labor of love and support Indy comics!!

Larry Haines