A villainous note from the Writer

Hello again Villains! Allow me to introduce to you, the HEROES of Legend City. Some are familiar faces like Jack Knife, Cross, Eddie and Pride and now we meet the men and women who serve as the next generation, Forecast, Whiteout, Jumbo, Kalaso, Velocity, and Elasticity. These people, these “heroes” are not at all what they seem. I also thinkĀ  it’s very telling that the only person paying any attention to the world is Pride. Everyone else appears to have turned their backs on the world. Hmmm, berry interesting. I will give them props on their choice of art work, I wish I could buy one of those somewhere. Oh wait I can and you can too! Just add it to the cart while you’re picking up your copy of Villain #1. Better hurry while supplies last (Batteries not included, some assembly required, if excitement from this book last longer then 4 hours, consult everybody you know and tell them how amazing Villain is). Till next time evil-doers.

If you want a better view of the details just right-click and go to view image. For all of you MAC users hold down the control key and click on the image. “View Image” should pop up.

Nathan Gonzales