A villainous note from the Editor

Hello, VILLAINS! It’s VILLAIN Wednesday and we’re getting your day started right with a villainous page. In this page, we see Alpha meet Cross for the first time and learn that he will be trained by Galaxy on his quest to become a hero.

I must say that I LOVE Matthew’s character. He is such a smart guy that knows just what to do to seek out revenge for his children’s deaths. I always say that he is layered like an onion and to me those are the best characters EVER! You can’t help, but to root for a guy that began as a regular Joe. He is the every man gone VILLAIN. Keep reading as the lines continue to get blurred. I have never seen that in comic books and I love the fact that the supposed bad guy WINS! Is he bad or just?

If you too want to see the VILLAIN win, be sure to head on over to the store to grab your copy of VILLAIN #1 while supplies last!

Have a villainous week, VILLAINS!

Shanda Daranouvong