A villainous note from the Artist

Greetings VILLAINS!! Here we go! Issue 8, the last issue of the first story arc has now begun! You are all in for a treat as we have multiple covers, variant covers, a double-sized issue, twists and turns and by the end of it will have you reaching for the tissues! Wait, not that way you dirty, dirty person! I hope you’ve all caught up on your reading and if you don’t have issue 1 you better get one quick because there are things you need to know. Also, read issue 2 NOW because in a few weeks it will no longer be live on the website. You know what that means, VILLAINS! Printed! So to start you off this week, here is one of two wrap-around covers for Issue 8. It features Alpha with his new found friends, The Henchmen! Stay tuned for a video blog next week by your villainous editor and the following week for a once in a lifetime circus act by your villainous writer! Just kidding about the circus act, I was just testing to see if you were paying attention. Wait, Nate’s just told me that the circus act is happening! Have a villainous day!

Tobe Daranouvong

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