A villainous note from the Editor

Namaste, VILLAINS!
It is I, your villainous editor coming at you from the mean streets of Legend City. I’m bringing you this very exclusive update today because “Shit Just Got Real.” It’s Issue #8. The final Issue of the first arch of VILLAIN. I could hardly contain it, so I went ahead and made a video blog just for all you VILLAINS out there. It’s a look back at the villainous, awesomeness that is VILLAIN! You know what, I’ll just let the art speak for itself. Check it out and remember to share it with all of your villainous friends. If they haven’t checked out VILLAIN, pull them out from their rock and help them to see the light in comics that is VILLAIN. It’s the most villainous thing to do anyways because “Aren’t we all a little villainous?”

Shanda Daranouvong

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