A villainous note from the Artist

Greetings my vile, villainous friends! Here we are again folks, checking back in with our main man Alpha. After he dismantled Brick House, it seems his little soldiers have fallen in line. I think any of the henchmen would think twice before they decide to fuck with him now. We find ourselves back at the secret warehouse which holds so many dear memories for Matthew, including the first time he killed another person. What’s that you say? When did he do that? Get your asses back to Issue 4 and reread that shit! Matthew is now in full swing of being a part of both the heroes and the villains, but Pride and Eddie know. Here we go everyone, can you here the drum-roll begin to swell?
On that note, come on down to ComicKroc, this Saturday June 28th in Suisun City, Ca! I will be a special guest selling prints, commissions and copies of VILLAIN 1 and 2. I might also have some villainous friends with me! So if you aren’t doing anything come on down and say hi! Have a villainous week!

Tobe Daranouvong