A villainous note from the Editor

Namaste, VILLAINS!

It’s VILLAIN Wednesday and we’re coming at you today with a brand new update today. Matthew receives the call to meet up with Eddie and Pride for some special training. It’s definitely going to be a crucial moment in his training to become the ultimate Super VILLAIN and we all know that it will end the lives of these other two. Digging too deep into Matthew’s life is going to be their downfall, but eventually it would’ve been their fate anyways. It’s now or later because there is no one standing in Alpha’s path of revenge.

Celebrate Summer the VILLAIN way and go back and re-read the issues. You’ll find hidden clues and messages if you just look close enough that will help you to wrap up this first arch of VILLAIN.

Have some questions? Email writer and co-creator, Nathan Gonzales at

nathan@villain-comic.com for all your villainous inquires.

Shanda Daranouvong