A villainous note from the Writer

Hello again Villains. Huge reveal on today’s page as we find out why The Inventor is in prison and that he dislikes cruse words. I say FUCK HIM, I love them! You know what else I love? Vagina. But do you know what else I love?  When a plan is working.  The Inventor has his plans all in motion and he knows exactly where his pawns are on the board. He’s always been one step ahead but will the world’s greatest duo see through his phony facade? If I told you, you wouldn’t learn anything. Now Villains for some BIG FUCKING NEWS from the Villain HQ. I’m not allowed to write the important stuff on the website because I write things like ” BIG FUCKING NEWS” so at this point I will bid you a fond farewell. FUCK YEAH! And now, the HUGE announcement. Till next time evil-doers!


Nathan Gonzales
VILLAIN has added a NEW INKER!!
Ladies and gents please give a very villainous welcome to


Here is a little bit about Luis:
Been reading, drawing, collecting comics since I was a kid. I have a degree in Commercial Arts.
Favorite titles…
Uncanny XMen (Since early 80’s)


Favorite Artists…
John Byrne
Neal Adams(his 60’s and 70’s artwork still looks good today, i beleive he set the standard 40 years ago how comics look today)
Jack “King” Kirby (cant say enough about his contributions)
Whilce Portacio
Jim Lee
Tim Vigil (love the details, even though its very adult themed)
George Perez (he’s drawn everyone)


Has worked on several projects with:
ATP (Across the Pond Studios)
Speakeasy Comics
Dable Brothers (The Burning Man)
Arcana Studios
Bluewaters Productions