A villainous note from the Writer

Hello again Villains. I know this is usually the time I think of random things to type till I think I filled up enough space but this time is different…mostly. I want to talk to you about the last few pages and draw some things to your attention. Let’s start with the mysterious figure in Matthew’s old apartment. I can’t tell you exactly who or what is going on with that person but I can tell you that the signs of there identity are laced throughout the entire arc. You just have to think like a handsome psychotic. The next thing I’d like to point out are the three dead men in the court yard from the last page. Long time readers may think they look familiar and they’d be right. Check out the very end of issue 4 for the answer and a couple new questions. You’re welcome. And the last thing on the hit list is today’s page. If you went to check out the last thing I told you about you would have also seen, two pages later, that the Inventor was answering to Maximillion Shepard. Who is the Inventor really working for? You’re going to have to wait a few more issue for that answer Villains. Well, that was fun and informative and for all of you who read this far down waiting for something funny or zany, well, there’s always Friday. Till next time evil-doers.

Nathan Gonzales