:Happy-Grin: A Villainous note from the Editor

Namaste, VILLAINS! It’s VILLAIN Friday and we have a brand new page for you today. We continue to stroll down memory lane to a time when Matthew’s life was so simple. I’m so sure the thought of killing these heroes someday never even crossed his mind. He probably thought he’d never even meet them. How ironic and also very poetic that his son’s favorite super hero is none other than Pride. Great job here to our brilliant writer, Nathan. He’s done such a great job capturing the innocence that Matthew once possessed. Now, hate and revenge is all that Matthew sees and days like these are just a distant memory. So poetically tragic indeed. Enjoy this peace while you can because this story is called VILLAIN after all and it’s not going to be sunshine and rainbows for long.

Shanda Daranouvong

On Sunday, December 14, VILLAIN will be at SAC-CON for it’s final convention appearance for the year! It will be held at the Scottish Rite Center in Sacramento, CA. The entire VILLAIN team will be there, including former VILLAIN inker Larry Haines. It’ll be your chance to get Issues 1 and 2 signed by all involved! Also, Villain T-Shirts are selling out fast so come on down to get yours!

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