A Villainous note from the Guest Cover Artist

Hello Villains,

I’m Warin Johnson, creator of the new dark fantasy series called Erabyss. I’ve teamed up with the Villain crew to create the Issue #9 Variant Cover of the Villain Comic Series and am really excited for you guys to check it out.

Everybody on the Villain team has been so nice and I’m truly blessed to be able to share in our mutual love for comics through these opportunities to collaborate with them and be given the chance to connect with you guys.
As for my own personal project. Erabyss will be debuting in Jan, 2015 published through Scattered Comics. An 8 page preview is already available, featuring 8 pages of story, as well as 8 pages of sketch/development sketches. You can read the book for free as a b/w webcomic at www.erabyss.com and soon will be able to get your own print copy outside of the convention I am able to attend.

I do hope you’ll enjoy the Variant Cover for Villain #9 and will be checking out my own project, as well.

Like my page on facebook at www.facebook.com/erabysscomic feel free to add me at www.facebook.com/warin.johnson1 and check out my non Erabyss related work at www.warinjohnson.com

Thanks you guys,

Warin Johnson

Issue 9 Page 2 will be up next update!

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