:Approve:  A Villainous note from the Guest Cover Artist

Wait.  WHAT?!?  The Insidious Inker can DRAW?!?!  Yes!!  Most inkers CAN draw!!  BTW, isn’t LUIS ALONSO doing a FANTASTIC JOB on the inks?!  But I digress, the INVENTOR!  Sly dog that he is!  Do ya think he’s STILL pulling our innocent heroes strings?!  Keep reading folks!!

Larry Haines

If you haven’t seen the video blog yet look at the post right under this and check it out. Also, THIS Sunday AQ Comics and Villain will be at the FRESNO COLLECTOR’S EXPO in Fresno, CA from 10 – 5 at the University Square Hotel on the corner of Cedar and Shaw! Come say hi. It will be the first time the Fresno area will have access to Villain #2! We will also have prints, t-shirt and other villainous swag! Tobe will also be selling his personal art prints as well as doing commissions! See ya there VILLAINS!

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