A Villainous note from the Artist

Greeting Villains! Well how about that first arc? From my end, it’s pretty spectacular! What a way to go for Pride and Eddie Wizard! Matthew has taken the next step on his road to revenge. Remember, in the beginning we know that he has already killed ALL of the heroes. That’s two more talleys in his kill column and a whole lot more heores to go through and I promise you, their deaths will be just as epic as pride and Eddie’s! Now we shift gears into our next set of Villain Origins! First up is BACKDRAFT! Here’s a little more info about him from our cast page:

Power Set: Fire Generation and manipulation

Born in Ireland to a large family, Robert O’Meara had only one future career choice, he was to enlist in the Irish National Liberation Army like his father and brothers before him. However, that was not the life he wanted to live. No, Robert wanted to be a SOMEBODY. So he moved to the states with dreams of becoming a big shot, but when he got here he discovered that life is tough all over, especially in Legend City. Broke and homeless, he was approached by a man who wanted him to burn down his house, so he could collect on the insurance payout. That night, Robert struck a match and burned down an entire neighborhood. A star was born, but  life is tough all over.

I want to thank WARIN JOHNSON for the groundwork he laid on the cover. Go check out his stuff on FACEBOOK. Today, all you get is the cover but next update we’ll jump right in with page 1. You will also get a treat with our brand new inker, Luis Alonso, chiming in with his first blog post! You don’t want to miss that! Have a villainous day!!

Tobe Daranouvong

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