A Villainous note from the Writer

Hello again Villains. Our buddy Backdraft appears to have some trouble on his hands. What is it with Brick House showing up out of the blue and hitting people in the face? He’s like a face punching ninja. (Really?) Shut up I’m tired. I’ve been busy working on my next batch of awesome. (You know that sounds kind of gross right?) Yeah, I thought so as soon as I typed it. (You could have deleted it.) I said shut up! Anyway Villains, it looks like you’re about to witness Backdraft vs Brick House! Let me tell you, things are just heating up! (That was so lame.) What? (This is why people don’t read these.) I lost control of this whole thing Villains. We’ll try again later. Till next time evil-doers!

Nathan Gonzales

This Saturday from 12 pm – 8 pm VILLAIN will be in Napa, CA at the Mini Indie Comic Con at the Slack Collective Art Studios and Gallery along with a handful of other indie comic producers! Come get your copies of VILLAIN 1 and 2. There is no notable presence of anything comic book related in the Napa Valley so we hope that this brings a little buzz to the area.

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